Hugh Pemberton

Hugh Pemberton
27 Apr 2020


Hi, My name is Danny and I am one of the co-founders of GoPrep, an online ordering platform built specifically for catering & meal prep operations. Our goal is to help your kitchen collect and fulfill orders online. Due to the unfortunate circumstances that are going on around the country, we've been contacted by and assisted many catering companies over the last few weeks as they look for new and creative ways to provide meals for their customers. The ease of use of our platform combined with our quick assistance enabled us to get them all setup and launched within a day of being contacted. We imagine your normal catering revenue is extremely stunted at the moment, so in order to help out the situation even further, we've just added massive discounts to our monthly plans and are also offering a pay as you go transaction based plan. It is worth taking a quick look at our website to see if this idea would work for you: Would you be interested in hopping on a quick call or viewing a video demo on your own time?

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